Reporting - Explanation of Results Table 2

Iron Fe Liners,rings,cams,tappets,etc.
Wear(upper engine)
Chromium Cr Chromium plated rings
Chromium plated liners
Cooling water (Na or K chromate anti-corrosion additive)
Wear(upper engine)
Leak in cooling circuit
Silicon Si Atmospheric dust
All Al-Si parts
Cast Si liners
Anti-foam additive in the lubricant
Silicon gaskets
Anti-corrosion additive
Defective air filter
or supplementary air
Engine wear
Gasket wear
Leak in cooling cicuit
Aluminum Al Pistons
Al-Sn bearings
(Fuel contaminant)
Piston wear
Bearing wear
Boron B Lubricant additives
Anti-corrosive in the cooling water
Leak in cooling cicuit
Lead Pb Cu-Pb bearings
Residue of fuel combustion
Bearing wear
Tinning of containers
Cooper Cu Cu-Pb bearings
Bronze bushes
Bearing wear
Tin Sn Cu-Sn,
Al-Sn or tin flashed bearings
Bearing wear
Silver Ag Bearings Bearing wear
Barium Ba Lubricant additives -
Calcium Ca Lubricant additives -
Magnesium Mg Lubricant additives
Sea water
Zinc Zn Lubricant additives Bearing wear