General Information - ALFA Series

Aegean has been trading marine lubricants for more than 16 years, supplying vessels worldwide from carefully selected major marine brands.

After the acquisition of one of the most modern blending plants in Greece (ex TEXACO blending plant) and since 2007, AEGEAN is able to supply its customers with private branded marine lubricants, under the life ALFA brand name, through the new ALFA marine lubricants series.

AEGEAN's ALFA marine lubricants are blended from internationally selected base oils and manufactured in the above, state of the art, blending plant.

ALFA marine lubricants series consist of top quality and performance mineral, synthetic lubes and greases, which meet the requirements and specifications of the major Original Engine Manufacturers.

AEGEAN marine lubricants are available 365 days a year - 24 hours a day, through a reliable and effective logistics network, offering the full scale of products.

Through the vast experience of supplying vessels worldwide and in depth knowledge of the marine market, AEGEAN is able to offer to its customers excellent service, both commercial and technical.
AEGEAN's major strategic competitive advantage is the combination of both production and commercial know-how, which distinguishes its ALFA marine lubricants series from other competitor brands. In the international shipping market there hasn't been, till now, any independent petroleum company, which is an international bunker supplier and at the same time a global producer-supplier of marine lubricants.

The marine lubricants market is traditionally dominated by multinational companies, but AEGEAN has the technical know how, the resources, the solid foundation and also the dynamic management to become a leader in the demanding environmental of the global marine lubricants market. Through its existing global network of offices and facilities for bunker supplies, AEGEAN apart from the Greek market, has also developed and continues to develop a network of marine lube blenders/partner independent companies, in all the major posts worldwide.

In the above ports, AEGEAN is in a position to control the production procedures, the top product quality, the fast and efficient logistics, the full availability of products and also AEGEAN can provide competitive prices to its customers.

AEGEAN's commitment is the continuous improvement and progress, by providing services and products of excellent quality, thus always being the ship owner's complete and safe choice.